Exciting News! - Moldmaking Post 5- A New Opportunity, Opening A Door... October 14. 2018

A Residency for Thesis Work

Moldmaking at OCAC

September 24-October 14, 2018


Remember when I went to Eutectic with my mold-making class?


Well, a great opportunity came out of that!

I interviewed with the directors and owners of Eutectic and Mudshark Studios LLC. and resulted in a two-week, in-house residency. I’m excited for this opportunity to make work on-site that informs my thesis research. I have been prepping materials this weekend for the work I will potentially make starting on Wednesday.

I’m prepping slabs, a damp box , a toolkit for ceramic slab pressing on-the-go…

I’m prepping slabs, a damp box , a toolkit for ceramic slab pressing on-the-go…

I’ll be bringing my trusty-yet-rusty travel easel to do plein air paintings on the production floor of Mudshark, LLC.

I’ll be bringing my trusty-yet-rusty travel easel to do plein air paintings on the production floor of Mudshark, LLC.

From Oct 17-Nov 5, I will make work on-site in response to the activity and buildings that comprise Eutectic Gallery & Mudshark Studios LLC.

I will have access to an area of the production floor and will make plein air drawings and paintings in response to the activity, the structure of the building and the views outside of Eutectic/Mudhshark. I will also bring porcelain and stoneware to make molds from the gallery front and neighborhood buildings, as they relate to the historical area I have been photographing and making impressions from in ceramic media. This is a perfect opportunity to go deeper with my material studies in both painting and sculpture as the location is adjacent to the area I have studied with pictures and ceramic reproductions, and ties to my thesis content.

Some night photography…

Some night photography…


This experience will allow me to make work that expands the work I have made so far. It shares roots in the industrial history of Portland, an area of content I have been focused on in inquiry. I have collected vistas of the historical buildings at night, photographing the dated structures which hearken to Portland’s early industrial past. As I have been developing the process of collecting surface information with slab impressions, the opportunity to make work in the same area of town is a priceless opportunity to deepen the content of my work.

I will be able to spend more time with the area, observing it through painting and hope to discover answers about the aesthetic and process questions I have about using my reference photography and resulting drawings and paintings to create an impression of an area. Whew! I’ve got work my cut out for me, that’s for sure. And I’m hoping to have some fun while I do it.

The owners of Mudshark are fun, easy to work with and have unique perspective on being a living part of business in this historical area of Portland. I hope to interview these business owners as a way of gathering additional information about the atmosphere of the area.

I want to know what they think of its history, present, and future as real users of the industrial area of Portland. I’d like to know what they think the future of this area will be and look like—all which tie to the content of my work—investigating an area between what is past and the present.

On the note of content in my work, I did some thinking and development through writing in preparation for the time at Mudshark.

I am including my notes here as I will look back on this writing over the next three weeks and hope to make connections between what I am thinking about and investigating while making, thoughts about how artwork functions as documentation of place and time; reality as reflected in presence and absence, nostalgia for a certain history; how making and objects mark and bear our past and present.

These notes are a sort of index of themes that relate to what I’m looking at in my work, and I’ll reflect on them as I make work.


As I am writing this, there are pieces of porcelain in the test kiln which will be finished tomorrow and ready for me to draw and experiment on…masonite is drying and will be ready to sand and re-finish, to take with me on Wednesday. My workflow has become a more regular process of preparation of materials; then, making. I am looking forward, with eager anticipation to this period of making, and the abundance and lights of insight it will no doubt bring. Only through making will I know what I’m looking at. I will have updates of residency work all three weeks, October 17-Nov 5, on Sundays.


Go Make Something,